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Concrete pool or fibreglass pool?

concrete pools
A concrete swimming pool
fibreglass pool
A fibreglass swimming pool

Two of the main pool types are concrete and fibreglass. A concrete pool is the pool of choice if you’re after a bespoke design or one that is closely integrated with your home’s architecture. Small sites with restricted access usually require a custom designed concrete pool. Fibreglass pools are a high quality choice for many situations offering a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Fibreglass is stable and resistant to cracking when the earth on the site may be less than stable. Your pool professional can explain the pros and cons relating to your particular situation.

Size, shape and colour

Before you settle on the size and shape of your pool, think about how you will use it. Does it need to be long and deep enough for serious swimming or simply sized for a refreshing plunge after a long, hot day? There’s an almost endless array of sizes and shapes. Of course, the dimensions of your block will be a crucial determining factor. Then there’s the interior colour. Dramatic indigo, tropical turquoise or a subtle shade in between? Colour sets your pool’s mood.

Pool only or spa and pool?

The soothing jets of a spa can impart an extra layer of luxury to your pool. Clip on spas are an easy way to add the relaxing hydrotherapy of a spa to your pool.

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