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5 Reasons To Buy A Pool In Winter

So you’re thinking about installing a pool well here’s some good news, there’s no better time! If you’re wanting to make a splash this summer here are our top 5 reasons to buy a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool.
1. Summer Ready
Building your swimming pool throughout winter means you’re able to enjoy a full swimming season with no construction delaying your pool party plans! Nothing cools you down on those 40 degree days like a pool in your own backyard.
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2. Avoid delays
Coming in to visit Freedom Pools during the winter months means you will avoid the ques and give lots of room in case of high scheduling demands that often occur during spring. We don’t want you sitting around in bathers with no place to swim come December!

3. Time to find the perfect pool
With summer still weeks away you have plenty of time to research and find your perfect pool. We put together a handy guide here with a few things to consider when choosing your new backyard addition!

4. Get your landscaping sorted
Once your pool is installed there are all of the bells and whistles to think about too. Your in-ground pool will look extra nice with landscaping and outdoor furniture added into the mix. Winter provides perfect conditions for planting, unlike swimming.  

5. Best pricing
Winter is a great time to take advantage of warehouse sales and off peak prices. We are able to offer very competitive pricing for your swimming pool manufacturing and installation during the cooler months. If you would like to get an obligation free quote you can contact Freedom Pools here.
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