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Are Swimming Pools A Good Investment?

A swimming pool definitely increase your happiness and leisure time but does it also lend the same increased benefits to the value of your property? It’s a big question especially when fiberglass or concrete pools are considered as an investment.
Let’s start with the obvious, we’re in Australia! One of the best climates to be living in if you have a pool, our long summers provide the perfect conditions to enjoy a dip. Add in the average lot size that Australian’s are able to enjoy puts you in a rather good position when considering your new swimming pool.

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Aussies’ love having a pool in their backyard, with over 1.2 million household swimming pools around the country we boast the world’s highest per capita rate of pool ownership! So you know you’re going to be amongst great company there! Of those millions of home owners, a Swimart survey found that 90% said their house value had increased by an average of $30 000.
Whilst we know some people aren’t too keen on the upkeep of a pool taking them out of the buying equation, those with children were 20% more likely to buy a pool! Selling your house is never an easy job and you won’t be able to please all of the buyers, no matter how perfect you think your home is. So it seems that whilst there are a whole lot of great reasons to say a pool will add value to your home, at the end of the day as long as you’re going to enjoy it (and we bet you will) that’s the best kind of investment. 

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