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Pool pump, skimmer box, filter

Pool pumps, skimmer boxes and filters comprise the basic machinery that make your pool work as it should. Your pool professional will talk you through the most appropriate choices. 

Chlorine or salt water?

Chlorine is the trusted stalwart that has kept backyard swimming pools safely sanitised for decades while salt water is the new kid on the block. In some cases, chlorine can smell and sting the eyes, and salt water is gaining popularity as a more natural option. However, even a salt water pool chlorinator uses some chlorine, and both systems need to be carefully monitored for pH levels. Talk it over with your pool professional.

Temperature control

You and your family can enjoy your new pool virtually all year round with a pool heater. There are various types including gas, electric and energy efficient solar heating. A pool blanket is another low energy way to make the water warm and inviting for more days of the year.

Energy efficiency

Two of your pool’s main energy consumers are the pool pump and heating. To reduce the load, start by selecting an energy star rated pool pump and solar heating. Covering up with a pool blanket is another effective strategy. A pool blanket protects your pool from leaf litter and maintains the water temperature. This reduces energy bills for your pump, filter and heating. When it comes to lighting, LED is a low energy option. 


Control freaks rejoice! With today’s automated control systems, everything from scheduling and operating your filtration system to heating, lighting, sanitising and water features can be controlled automatically using a wall-mounted pad, hand-held remote control or even your mobile phone. Talk to your pool professional about what’s best for you.

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