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Poolside Dining in Style

Dining outdoors is one of the pleasures of our Australian lifestyle – and it’s even more enjoyable when you set your table by the sparkling waters of a swimming pool by Freedom Pools and Spas.

When you install a pool it becomes the focal point of your backyard, opening up appetising opportunities for poolside dining.

With some thoughtful planning from the outset you can ensure your pool area works a treat for poolside dining in style.

Here are a few of the essential ingredients you need to consider when creating your own poolside eatery under the stars.

Your seating arrangement of Poolside Dinning

Ensure your poolside dining area has easy access to the kitchen and barbecue

Your seating arrangements

Locate your poolside dining space close to your kitchen and barbecue so your food and refreshment runs are as fast and direct as possible.

Many people today are building elaborate alfresco rooms with fully equipped outdoor kitchens, wood-fired pizza ovens and everything a masterchef could desire.

But if your budget is more modest and you’re happy with a good old-fashioned Aussie barbie in the garden, giving some thought to the position of your outdoor dining area is all that’s required.

You should also position your poolside dining area so it has a pleasing sight line to your pool. Throughout the ages it’s been recognised that the element of water evokes a feeling of serenity and wellbeing. Modern glass safety fencing allows a seamless view while complying with safety regulations and protecting you and your fellow diners from splashes if people are in the pool.

segals outdoor furniture pool side dinning set

The classic Hamptons look in wicker and white wash is a popular trend (Beach Dining Set outdoor setting by Segals Outdoor Furniture, Western Australia)

Choose the right outdoor furniture

Selecting the right outdoor furniture is the finishing touch for your poolside dining space. You can opt for a standard height dining table or a lounge setting. It’s entirely your choice.

The aesthetic mood of your outdoor furniture also needs to be considered. Choose furniture that complements the colour palette and style of the furniture inside your home for a free-flowing link between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

When it comes to style, a spokesperson from leading outdoor furniture store Segals Outdoor Furniture says there are several dominant styles in vogue.

“The Hamptons and French styles are classics and tend to incorporate a lot of washed timber and wicker.

“The Modern style has cleaner lines and looks great with contemporary homes while the Resort style has the popular tropical look.

“Another strong direction we’ve seen recently is the Green trend which uses environmentally friendly materials such as recycled timber, timber offcuts and plantation timber to produce furniture that’s raw, earthy, natural and very eco-chic.”

View Segals Outdoor Furniture’s full range of outdoor furniture styles here.
Light and shade pool side dinning set

This poolside dining space features shade protection and moody lighting

Light and shade

Shade by day and light by night are essential for pleasant poolside dining.

The Australian sun can be harsh and makes shade planning a must. This can range from the natural canopy of a tree to a roofed pergola, verandah or alfresco.

Other ideas include a thatched pavilion, gazebo or cabana for the tropical resort look. Shade sails are another popular choice for poolside sun protection.

When night falls you’ll need more than pool lights to light up your poolside dining area. Long life LED lighting is becoming a popular option as it’s eco-friendly and available in modern designs.

Highlight your dining table and provide task lighting around your barbecue area. You can also uplight any special trees for a touch of nocturnal enchantment. 

This splendid pool and poolside dining space is just one of the inspiring images you can view at the Freedom’s Pool Gallery