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Pool Armour Protection Technology is the combination of 3 elements – Marble Tech, Trans Tech and Flo Tech. When these 3 technologies are combined, you get the very best quality pool available with lifetime structural and surface warranties. Pool Armour is unique to Freedom Pools. Freedom Pools & Spas has developed a proven technology process that ensures the quality of your swimming pool and is guaranteed to provide you with a pool that will look great from the first day and for many years into the future. All pools are manufactured to the highest level to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1838-1944 which allows us to provide Lifetime Structural and Surface Warranties. Our company grows by having thousands of satisfied customers who recommend and refer us to their friends and family. We can only achieve this by providing an outstanding product.

Why Choose Freedom Pool

Pool Interior Risks - Above Water

  • UV and weathering can cause unattractive damage to interior surfaces.
  • Pool surfaces can fade and not look their best after a short time.
    Caused by the effects of harsh UV and Australian weather conditions.
Why Choose Freedom Pool

Pool Interior Risks - Below Water

  • Aggressive chemicals including chlorine will affect the pools interior surface including bleaching of colour. Especially if chemical balance is not maintained correctly.
  • Damage to interior surface can include; blisters, cracking and ugly surface black spots if incorrect manufacturing processes are not followed.
Why Choose Freedom Pool

Pool Exterior Risks - Below Ground

  • The ground soil around your pool can contain moisture and contaminants that can cause integrity damage to the pools external surface.
  • If pools are not ‘cured’ correctly with strictly controlled processes prior to installation, issues can arrive within a short time.
Choose your pool or spa from our huge selection of award winning designs.

The Marble pool finish is achieved by specially built equipment that provides a superior coating that is 30% - 50% thicker than a standard Gelcoat. This has proven to provide far better surface protection from Chlorine and chemicals over the years. It also assists in providing a superior Hydrophobic Barrier. Marble Tech Gelcoat formulated specially for Freedom Pools that provides an attractive, luxurious and long lasting Marble Pool finish to the surface of your pool. The process contains significantly more colour pigments than shimmer-type gelcoats, which results in the increased protection from bleaching from over chlorination or incorrect water balance.

Have a chat with your consultant about your finishing options. This is the time to discuss landscaping and fencing, and whether you require pool heating.

Construction technology including special translucent resins that is used in the whole lamination of your pool allowing us to roll out all the air from the pool lamination. This eliminates
the risk of trapped air which can cause future blistering of the pool’s interior.


Freedom Pools uses the highest specification Gelcoats available for all pools manufactured.

We DO NOT have any Gelcoat upgrades available as we use the top grade Gelcoat as standard on all of our pools which provides the maximum chemical resistant qualities.

Your pool is pegged out so you get to see exactly where it will be located. Then our excavation crew carefully digs a hole to the correct shape and depth.

The “Flo-Tech” protection system involves a specially formulated and chemically resistant “Chem-Seal” coating. This coating is applied in a special process to the exterior of the pool. This extra coating provides a protective barrier against ground contaminants which can attack the pool from the outside and cause delamination of the pool shell. “Flo-Tech” technology also greatly assists in the curing process during the construction of your pool. This special “Chem-Seal” coating is purposely coloured BLACK which assists in absorbing heat from the sun to achieve the very best curing of the pool which is vital to ensure a long lasting pool for many years of trouble free enjoyment. This process is unique to Freedom Pools.



BEST PROTECTION for your pool

Enjoy your pool

SPASA MEMBERS - The industry professionals


Freedom Pools is a member of SPASA - the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia LtdAustralia’s peak swimming pool and spa industry body.


SPASA New South Wales & ActSPASA QueenslandSPASA South AustraliaSPASA VictoriaSPASA Western Australia

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The BENEFITS of purchasing from Freedom Pools

The benefits of purchasing a Freedom pool are many. Your Freedom pool, for example, has a much better chance of achieving council approval than most other fibreglass swimming pools. Through innovative design and manufacturing advantages, your Freedom pool is installed and backfilled without water in some cases. In addition, this is our checklist for you to compare the benefits of a Freedom pool or spa with what the other guys offer. We usually always come up trumps.

  • Peace of mind with high quality construction
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on pump and motor.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on salt chlorinator.
  • An easier to clean pool with smooth, rounded edges and no awkward hard to clean edges where dirt gathers out of the reach of most auto cleaners.
  • Designed and constructed by a company that has won more awards, locally and overseas, than any other pool company in Australia.
  • The experience and buying power of one of Australia’s largest pool manufacturers and exporters.
  • 49 years in business.
  • The boss’s guarantee that you’re getting absolute value for money.
  • Member of SPASA.
  • Built to Australian Standards.


Pool construction built and certified to Australian Standards Swimming Pool Construction

Only Freedom Pools offers Eco-pure


Protect your swimming pool from up to 99% of bacteria





Who doesn’t want a swimming pool or spa with safer, cleaner water – and use fewer chemicals to achieve it?

That was the motivation at Freedom Pools when we developed Eco-pure – a revolutionary microbial inhibitor now included in the gelcoat finish of every Freedom fibreglass pool.

This clever, highly effective ingredient helps prevent algae growth on the surface of your swimming pool and can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria*.

That means you’ll spend less time fiddling around with the chemicals in your pool and less money on buying chemicals. With fewer chemicals, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re swimming in a pool that’s more natural and eco-friendly. Not only that, but Eco-pure is UV, chlorine and fade resistant, and provides protection for the life of your pool.

Eco-pure is part of Freedom Pools’ commitment to being an eco-friendly manufacturer. We use the latest construction methods and LSE gelcoats that ensure maximum strength and quality. Our process results in minimal waste and landfill while reducing carbon emissions and minimising other impacts on the environment.

It’s just part of the added value you receive when you choose your fibreglass pool or spa from Freedom Pools. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

*In conjunction with normal sanitisation.