Award Winning Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Northern Territory

2.80M x 2.00M
DEPTH 1.4M - 1.7M
5.00M x 2.40M
5.73M x 3.00M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.7M
6.45M x 4.04M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.7M
6.50M x 3.00M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.7M
6.65M x 3.61M
DEPTH 1.0M - 1.6M
6.71M x 3.54M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.5M
7.00M x 3.37M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.8M
7.70M x 3.70M
DEPTH 1.0M - 1.8M
8.00M x 3.60M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.8M
8.00M x 3.60M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.9M
8.10M x 4.00M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.7M
8.50M x 4.25M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.7M
9.00M x 3.60M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.0M
9.00M x 4.20M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.0M
9.10M x 4.24M
DEPTH 1.1M - 1.8M
9.40M x 3.86M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.0M
10.00M x 3.60M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.1M
11.00M x 2.40M
11.00M x 4.20M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.2M
11.58M x 4.12M
DEPTH 1.1M - 2.0M


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How did you hear about Freedom Pools?

When it comes to selecting the ideal pool for your home you really are spoilt for choice, with over 25 stunning designs to choose from. Your choice of pool will also come with:
  • Plans and specifications to shire
  • Heavy duty filtration system
  • Heavy duty salt water chlorinator
  • Heavy duty pump
  • Crane lift to 42m (metro area only),
    excludes VIC, QLD & SA
  • Underwater light and transformer
  • Skimmer box
  • Excavation level sandy site
  • All connecting pipework
  • All electrical connections to 40m (metro area only),
    excludes VIC, QLD & SA
  • Pool cleaned (metro area only)
  • All initial chemicals
  • Full instruction on hand-over